Christian Leadership-Discipleship Coaching

Christian Leadership-Discipleship Coaching


Coaching & equipping Christian leaders to live their full potential in Christ…

”We are called to not be just hearers of the Good News only, but also to be doers of the Word.” (James 1:22)

What could you achieve if all of your God-given potential were unleashed and applied to the glory of God?  (Matthew 22: 36-40).  Are you “stuck”, frustrated and not being as effective as you know you can be?  Perhaps you have a new project you want to launch, a personal goal to achieve, or you have a vexing personnel or organization problem?  It would be a blessing to coach you (or your team) through such challenging circumstances… freeing up your time and energy, guiding, motivating and empowering you to achieve your full potential in most effectively leading and discipling others!

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to learn how I can assist you as your personal leadership-discipleship coach…   Usually at no cost whatsoever to you (as a minister, lay leader or active duty military)!  This is my way of giving back.  A good place to start is the “Coaching – Coaching Defined” and “Coaching – How Is Coaching Accomplished?” drop down menus above, followed by “FAQS”, etc.   Then pray about your situation and contact me.  I look forward to being a blessing to you and helping to enable you to achieve the potential that God intended for you!

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Blessings, in Christ,

George Currie


Me, my wife Sandy, and our intrepid adventure dog Astro on a recent flight.

 “I have known George Currie for nearly 30 years both as a friend and a fellow naval aviation officer. You will not find a finer person anywhere! George is a devout Christian leader who uses his many spiritual gifts to uplift others and help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. For the past 14 years, George has been my spiritual mentor and the leader of our men’s Christian fellowship group. His knowledge, sincerity and genuineness make him the perfect mentor and life coach.”   — CAPT Mike Boyer, USNR (Ret.) , former Commanding Officer, Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville 

”George keeps me motivated toward my goals of being better organized and getting into shape (I lost 40 pounds over the last 3 months), and his coaching sessions are great, filled with positive solutions and spiritual reinforcement!  God bless his ministry…” – Rev. W. Addison, Assoc. Pastor, Christ Church at City Rescue Mission