About me…

Meet your coach – I’m George Currie, a retired Naval Aviation (NFO), Commander who was until recently teaching young Navy officers flight, navigation, communications, tactics. team & systems management.  More information on my military service is listed elsewhere on this site.  During a break in service for self employment, and ever since, I’ve been a professional executive leadership-management coach and active in various church leadership roles.  I joined the International Coaching Federation at its inception and have been professionally certified as a Coach through CoachNet.  I have a Master’s degree and extensive experience in Business & Personnel Management.

I have personally trained and coached over 700 civilian and military leaders and managers (including over 500 young officers in the 22 to 35 year old range), mostly one-on-one, but also in group settings and seminars.  I previously owned Currie Academic Prep, military2civilian.com, and Currie Executive Coaching & Recruiting.

One of my greatest blessings is having raised, with God’s help, two wonderful children while meeting the considerable challenges of being a single father.  My son is now a successful software engineer for Disney, a game designer and AI specialist with 3 children of his own.  My daughter is a medical doctor and a gifted and giving global public health medical researcher and clinician, married to a global public health engineer professor.

I’m blessed to be married to a gifted and loving woman whose ministry is helping those in crisis through her work as a licensed mental health counselor.  She specializes in Christian marriage counseling and the military.

My personal hobbies include flying – we own a Piper Cherokee aircraft which we enjoy flying around the Southeast, especially to visit family in NC as time permits.      I also enjoy reading and discussing theology, cosmology, and playing tennis and golf.

What gifts, talents and experiences can I bring to the table for you as your coach?  Keeping in mind that all we do should ultimately be to God’s glory… Organization and administrative experience, prioritization and efficiency, personnel resource management, goal setting and achievement, interpersonal communications skills and problem solving, new program development and management.

For specific personal professional accomplishments and my experience related to the church and military, please go to the Pastors & Lay Leaders, and the Military sections of this web site.

I can be reached at ghcurrie@aol.com.

“George has proven to be my ‘Go To’ source for years when I have been in need of life counsel.  His own life experiences, coupled with is desire to serve the Lord, and his knowledge gained from formal training, has been quite the blessing to my life.” – George Postell, CDR USN (Ret.), former NASA Chief Pilot, Wallops Island