Being an officer in today’s military is tough.  Being a Christian leader is tough business.  Deployments, long hours, family separation, loneliness, the responsibility for people’s lives and welfare, temptations, fatigue, personal conflicts…   It can all add up to a tremendous amount of physical, emotional and spiritual stress.  I’ve been there and understand.

Let me help guide you through the rough times and help enable you to have peace while achieving your full potential as a military officer and Christian leader.  If it gets to a clinical (medical/psychiatric) level, my wife (a licensed mental health counselor) can assist you.  Her specialty is military marital counseling and mental health issues.  My specialty is coaching you to achieve your personal and professional goals while being true to your faith, and fulfilling your Christian potential.  We occasionally work together to heal the total person and family unit.  Everyone can benefit from a professional coach!

I have worked in a professional military capacity, as an active duty officer (naval aviation) and as a defense contract instructor, for 32 years.  Over that time period I’ve coached and trained over 700 young officers (pilot and NFO), both individually and in a group/team setting.  Some relevant resume’ highlights:

  • Deployments & Dets to: Sigonella, Sicily, Iceland, Adak, Bermuda, Panama, Chile, Japan, Azores, Antigua, Crete, UK, Spain, all US squadron and wing sites, etc.
  • AIRLANT NFO NATOPS, training standardization officer
  • Director of UMFO, the initial phase of P-3/8 NFO aircrew training (8 years)
  • Executive Officer and Program Manager for Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville (Naval Operations Support Center)
  • Officer in Charge, Reserve Aviation assets (NAS Cecil Field)
  • Aircraft Mission Commander/Tactical Coordinator – over 2000 flight hours, and 5000 simulator hours as an instructor (VP-30, VP-16, VP-62, CPRW-11, FRS)
  • TSC OPCON senior watch officer
  • Tactical Training Team leader, Reserve MPA (worldwide pre-deployment seminars)
  • Squadron AV/ARM division officer and Training Department head
  • Speaker/trainer at Executive TAP (military to civilian career transition)
  • Current leader of a weekly military men’s Bible study fellowship (14 years)
  • Current and active FAA private pilot
  • Professional Leadership-Management Coach, and seminary student (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
  • Church elder, adult Sunday school teacher and small group leader, and coach to pastors and lay leaders (Presbyterian, Baptist and non-denominational)

The purpose of listing the above is not to impress or overwhelm (I’ve been especially fortunate in my Navy career opportunities and humbled by the opportunity to serve), but to demonstrate that I can readily identify with whatever you are going through, and have successfully navigated the challenges, with God’s help, a lot of prayer and the helpful assistance of some Christian coaches of my own.  Please refer to the other sections of this web site, and contact me if you feel I may be able to coach you toward your full potential as a Christian leader.  I would consider it a blessing to be of assistance to a Christian military brother or sister.

“George Currie is a mature, knowledgeable and committed Christian with exceptional discernment and compassion who has continually demonstrated the ability to ‘walk the walk’ and make a difference in the lives of those around him!” – Craig Love, CAPT USN (Ret.), former Commander of Naval Air Reserve Jacksonville (NOSC)

What is the cost?  Absolutely nothing.  It’s free to military personal and organizations!  My way of giving back and utilizing my experience, gifts and talents to the benefit of those who love God and desire to do all to His glory.  Helping you to achieve your fullest personal professional and spiritual potential… while sacrificially serving a noble purpose larger than yourself.  We are called upon by Christ to be a light on the hill and salt to our fellow man/woman.

Please contact me if you’re interested in being coached (at no charge), or if you have questions or comments.

In His (and your) service… George