Coaching defined

Coaching is coming alongside a client to assist them in reaching their goal or resolving a problem through insightful and often motivating and/or profound questions.  It is helping a person get “unstuck” through the synergistic interaction and the accountability provided by a coach.  A coach helps an individual focus on what is most important and act in an efficient manner.  Coaching is client goal centered.  At the client’s request, coaching can also involve a coach interjecting their relevant consultant experience and specific consulting tools as appropriate.

For example, while certified as a life and executive leadership coach, I also have formal graduate education and extensive experience in human resources management and administration, as well as spiritual leadership and discipleship.

Coaching is not counseling.  Counseling looks back in order to resolve current problems, and often deals with clinical (medical) issues.

Coaching is not consulting, unless the coach and client mutually determine to bring specific consulting skill sets into the coaching process.

Most successful and sought after coaches have developed a niche of expertise.  My niche is leadership and discipleship coaching with an emphasis on: organization skills and prioritization, time and resource (including personnel) management, training and spiritual development (discipleship).  I can add these human resources management and leadership consulting skill sets to my coaching process.

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