A gutsy move

A nonbeliever doctor friend of mine lost his wife to cancer recently. We play doubles tennis a few times a week, and one of our regular players is a curmudgeon German gentleman named Eric. Eric can be blunt and humorously cantankerous at times, but possesses an attractive air of sincere personal humility. During a change … More A gutsy move

New vision

If you live long enough, chances are that you’ll have cataract surgery – a removal of the increasingly cloudy lens of the eye which is replaced with a clear lens. I found it to be life changing. Colors were much more vivid, clearer. Objects which I thought were tan or beige I discovered to actually … More New vision


Quite the comeback playoff game Saturday night! Jaguars versus the Chargers. Although I’d suspected it, a bit of online research indicates that Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is a young, but committed, Christian. The Jags have a history of hiring men of faith. I recall attending church with Mark Brunell and Tony Boselli in the early … More Football

Children and airplanes

Some amusing and memorable moments from Wednesday’s home school group tour of our College of Missionary Aviation aircraft and hangar (Keystone Heights): – Kids like funny noises and flashing lights.  When I had a home school student volunteer to lift up on the stall warning tab on the airplane wing, I would ask them what was the purpose of the loud horn they … More Children and airplanes


Feeling down? Insomnia? Anxious, worried, disappointed? Surrounded by confirmed atheist friends and relatives? Distant (literally and figuratively) children? Beaten down by the constant negative drone of politics, news and world problems? Grappling with dark medical issues? The solution of course, is to “get out of ourselves”, and let God. You know, let God… Turn over … More Depressed?