Children and airplanes

Some amusing and memorable moments from Wednesday’s home school group tour of our College of Missionary Aviation aircraft and hangar (Keystone Heights): – Kids like funny noises and flashing lights.  When I had a home school student volunteer to lift up on the stall warning tab on the airplane wing, I would ask them what was the purpose of the loud horn they … More Children and airplanes


Feeling down? Insomnia? Anxious, worried, disappointed? Surrounded by confirmed atheist friends and relatives? Distant (literally and figuratively) children? Beaten down by the constant negative drone of politics, news and world problems? Grappling with dark medical issues? The solution of course, is to “get out of ourselves”, and let God. You know, let God… Turn over … More Depressed?

Cultural relativism or Biblical authority?

The church as a whole is too timid to call sin a sin and to recognize the full authority of the Bible (Revelation 3:16). That’s why the last two mainline Presbyterian USA churches we were members of seceded (at great financial cost) from our parent denomination and formed/joined a new Presbyterian ECO denomination which recognizes the Bible as the … More Cultural relativism or Biblical authority?