How is coaching accomplished?

Typically, we will agree to a set number of sessions together in order to work toward your goal.  Six one hour (shorter, if necessary and still productive) sessions spread over 2 to 3 months is typical, although I have clients I’ve coached for as few as 3 sessions and others as many as 21.   Whatever it takes to resolve an issue or achieve your goal…

The actual coaching session is always client/you centered.  The session focuses on what you wish to accomplish during that session.  Both of us are held accountable to each other for an effective session.  At the end of a session, I will ask my client, “Did we achieve your stated goal for this session?  Is there anything else we need to focus on?”  I keep us both on track during the session in order to make for the most effective use of our valuable time together.

Coaching is most frequently done by phone or Zoom at a mutually agreed time, although I do face-to-face sessions with local clients on occasion.  I sometimes coach long term clients over breakfast or lunch.  I am also occasionally available for intense, short term crisis coaching in person at distant locations, as necessary.   A typical coaching package would include a one hour phone call every one or two weeks for a total of six sessions, to include an occasional face-to-face session, if mutually convenient.  Again, coaching via phone or Zoom is often quite effective.  I do think there is value in an occasional face-to-face meeting when possible.

Fee: My coaching is at no charge to the professional and lay leadership of spiritual/religious nonprofit Christian organizations such as church staff, charitable organizations – ministers, elders, directors, executives, program managers, lay-leaders, etc.    Active duty military and seminary student & staff coaching is also at no charge, except for unusual travel or other related expenses.   This is my way of giving back on those gifts and talents with which I may have been blessed. Corporations are considered on a case by case basis.  Corporations/for profits are usually billed at the rate of $125/hour plus expenses.  Please inquire if you are interested in seminars or group coaching on site.

Please refer to the FAQs section of this website for session goal examples, logistics, etc.