What kind of formal coach training or experience do you have?

I’ve been a professional coach since 1998 and was one of the founding members of ICF and CoachU.  I am a certified professional coach through CoachNet and have been an active member of Coach Jacksonville since its inception 14 years ago.  I have a master’s degree in Business and Personnel Management and have lead a variety of military and civilian organizations of between 12 and 250+ people.  I have coached and been a consultant to well over 100 clients between the ages of 23 and 67.  I’ve designed and conducted training seminars to groups as large as 300 attendees. Please see my condensed work and coaching histories under Pastors & Lay Leaders and Military at the above drop down menus for specifics.

How do coaching sessions work?  How often and for how long?

A typical coaching session is 45-60 minutes by phone, and occasionally in person (over lunch, for example) conducted once every 1-2 weeks for a total of 6 sessions.  But, that’s just an average.  I’m flexible and attuned to the specific needs and circumstances of the client.  I see some clients face-to-face in their office and others over a meal.  Some clients have their goals accomplished with as few as 3 sessions, and I’ve had some clients go over 20 sessions over a period of years.

What are some common coaching topics or goals you’ve focused on?

I started out as a career and life transitions coach, but now I coach many pastors and lay ministers in project initiation, personnel problem solving, and church administration, personal organization and communication skills.  I’ve also coached several executives on personal health and wellness issues – weight loss, stress and anxiety relief, for example.  Dealing with procrastination and personal motivation are also popular issues.  I also coach groups and teams (such as church leadership/elders, magazine editorial staff, Military teams, etc.) regarding new project initiation, problem solving, and getting “unstuck”.

You bill yourself as a Christian coach.  Do you work with specific denominations and non-Christians?

My personal world view is distinctly Christian, as is my ministerial training.  I half seriously tell friends that I’m a PresBapterian, as I have strong, positive church backgrounds and respect for the theological tenets of both denominations.  I thank God for his grace and the blessing of my faith.  But, I respect those with other beliefs and work well in an ecumenical environment.  My current small group fellowship, which I lead and often teach, includes members of a wide variety of Protestant denominations and has been meeting regularly for 15 years.

Please refer to the Pastors & Lay Ministers or Military parts of this web site for more specifics about my background, etc.

If You have a question about me and/or the coaching process, please ask!  Contact me directly at ghcurrie@aol.com or 904-716-2286.    I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to fulfill your full potential!