Pastors & Lay Leaders

Church leaders (ministers, senior church staff and lay leaders) can greatly benefit from leadership-discipleship or life coaching from a trusted and experienced coach, someone who understands their unique needs and spiritual perspective.  As a long time Christian lay leader (elder, adult Sunday school teacher, small group leader, and executive coach) I can readily identify with your problems and leadership-management priorities.  I provide experienced and goal-oriented coaching in the following areas.  (Confidentiality is assured, if requested.)

  • Personnel (staff or lay leader) problems & issues
  • New program development and launch
  • Organization and administration issues
  • Goal achievement, efficiency and prioritization (both personal and church)
  • Life balance and health
  • Communications skills (personal and corporate)
  • Personal and staff discipleship

Scroll down to the bottom of this page see a brief church-related resume’.

Again, strict confidentiality is assured, as requested.  No problem is too big (or too small) if it affects Christ’s church and His people.  Allow me to use my gifts, talents and experience to assist you in fulfilling your mission and your personal spiritual potential.

I do not charge for local in-person or phone (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) coaching anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.   This includes church staff, pastors, seminary staff and students, and lay ministry leaders.  This is my way of giving back – being obedient in discipling and building up the body of Christ, and storing up treasures in heaven.

I am also available to coach or present topical seminars/workshops to church leadership groups, such as elders/sessions, deacons and small group leaders regarding special projects or problems.  These can either be a part of the worship service (for example, a sermon based upon “The Life-Changing Questions of Jesus”, or “Coaches of the Bible”) or scheduled separately at a mutually convenient time.

”George has blessed our staff with clarity, wisdom and his unique life experience.”  – Rev. Kevin Pound, Senior Pastor, Mandarin Presbyterian Church

”George keeps me motivated toward my goals of being better organized and getting into shape (I lost 40 pounds over the last 3 months), and his coaching sessions are great, filled with positive solutions and spiritual reinforcement!  God bless his ministry…” – Rev. W. Addison, Assoc. Pastor, Christ Church at City Rescue Mission

Selected church-related resume’:

  • Military Men’s weekly Bible study fellowship leader/instructor (15 years continuous)
  • Ordained elder (since 2008)
  • Adult Sunday school teacher for over 30 years in Baptist, Presbyterian USA, PCA & ECO, and non-denominational churches)
  • Evangelism outreach coordinator (2002-2015)
  • Lay leader for the founding of The Church at Argyle, Jacksonville, FL (1980’s)
  • Master of Divinity classes at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Current Coach to numerous pastors and lay leaders in NE Florida and across the U.S.
  • Certified Professional Coach (Leadership-Discipleship, Executive and Life Coaching)
  • Master’s degree in Business & Personnel Management
  • Academics instructor (theology, inter-cultural communications, etc.) at the College of Missionary Aviation, Keystone Heights, Florida
  • Small groups leadership coach at Mandarin Presbyterian Church
  • Career Transitions Coach for over 2O years

Church leadership references supplied upon request.

”George’s educational and work background alone would make him a good coach.  Combining this with his organizational skills, kindness, and prayerful focus on growth in Jesus Christ makes him a great coach.  When it comes to looking at the bigger picture, there’s no one I’d rather have coaching me than George Currie.”  – Rev. Chris Konker

Please contact me regarding your specific coaching needs, or if you have any questions:

George Currie… / (904) 716-2286

In His (and your) service…