Why evangelize?

One very good reason to evangelize is because Christ commands us to.  But, theologically, or logically, might we be forgiven for asking the question “Why?”  Especially if we belong to those denominations, such as I do, who believe in the Calvinistic interpretations of the Biblical principles of predestination and the elect.  I mean, that’s clearly in the Bible also, right?  The Apostle Paul speaks of those concepts.  So, why evangelize?  The way it was taught to me years ago is that I am not God and have no way of knowing who is predestined or not, therefore I cannot, should not, judge unto condemnation… or salvation.  I came to the point in my life when I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior through a Billy Graham Crusade while in junior high school.  Tonight on TV I watched Franklin Graham give the familiar altar call to thousands in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Watching that life changing event was a bit surreal… and very uplifting.  Former mortal enemies, now brothers and sisters in Christ.  Perhaps in God’s infinite love and wisdom he allows us to evangelize to strengthen our own faith and hope.  To evangelize is as much for our benefit as for those we give the Good News to.  As Christians, we are the vessels of living water, and a part of God’s plan.  If it were otherwise, would not God draw us up into his presence immediately upon our acceptance of Him?  Why evangelize?  Why life?   That we might glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

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