Depressed? (Part 2) Solutions.

Depression is multi-faceted.  It can affect us on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.  Some practical solutions for dealing with the varied symptoms of “situational” depression follow.  (If you have clinical/chemical depression, you should seek professional help from a doctor).

  • Vigorous and regular exercise is a most effective antidote to depression
  • Get outside of yourself – volunteer, get up with a friend, go for a walk with your dog, get out in the sun (or the rain)
  • Help the helpless and/or friendless (visit the sick, an elderly friend, mentor a child or teenager)
  • Start or renew a hobby or sport
  • Determine your gifts and talents and use them for the benefit of the church body (If you’re unsure what your gifts and talents are, there are online quizzes you can take)
  • Get together with a positive, upbeat friend for a meal or outing
  • Read and contemplate a good motivational book on life transition such as Ortberg’s “All the Places to Go – How Will You Know?”
  • Get an accountability/motivational partner, such as a Life Coach
  • Talk honestly with a good Christian mental health counselor
  • Read the Bible and have an earnest conversation with your Heavenly Father (He’s only a prayer away!)

In the Biblical account of Job, we are told of one faithful man’s questioning and almost unimaginable pain and suffering.  God did not answer Job directly, but it ended very well for Job.  Because he was faithful.  As it will also end well for you and me, if we have faith and trust, and lean on Christ, just as a little child…  Thank God for the hope and Comforter that is within us!

Trust and obey, for there’s no better way to be happy… in Jesus… than to trust and obey.

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