Campus ministry: Reaching young souls in distress

Somewhere on a crowded campus in Northeast Florida there is a young soul in distress… A young lady struggling with painful loneliness and seeking purpose to her life, a young man tempted by drug use to silence the voices of despair in his mind.  Temptations abound.  Alternatives seem few.  So many young men and women on the precipice of life-altering choices, so little time.  But, Dan Dodge is a man on a mission, a servant of God through the campus ministry of InterVarsity for Northeast Florida. The mission field is so large (John 4:35), 14 campuses, and the resources are few and stretched very, very thin.  The rewards, however, are eternal and life-changing, and that’s what keeps Dan and his ministry for Christ to college youth going.  Young, vulnerable lives snatched back from the precipice of soul death and given purpose and meaning.  A young man or woman turned from anguish, bitterness, loneliness or despair, and perhaps thoughts of suicide to an eternal hope in Christ.  But Dan has a young family of his own whose welfare is also his concern.  Dan is responsible for raising 100% of his funds to support his ministry.  Today raising funds for his overhead and expenses takes 80% of his time and energy.  Time which could be better spent engaged in his ministry, his passion for the souls of the youth on our area campuses.  His is the job of a servant leader.  His personal sacrifices are many and real.  His life-changing ministry is deserving of our prayers and financial support.  You and a college student in crisis will surely be blessed.  As the Devil roams this world seeking those whom he would devour (1 Peter 5:8), surely he is most active on our college campuses.  Dan Dodge has answered the call.  Our calling, our responsibility, our blessing is to equip this saint!  (Matthew 6:19-21).       Go to, or reach Dan directly at, or via the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship national offices and web site.

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