Veteran’s Day: In Whom do we trust?

I transitioned into adulthood during the socially turbulent Vietnam era when many citizens had conflicted feelings regarding the military.   I had very narrowly missed the draft (compulsory service), but had volunteered for Naval Aviation at the close of the war.  The thought of service to my country, a cause greater than myself, appealed to me.  A fellow young Navy officer aircrew member of mine asked me a question one day.  Can a true Christian serve in the military?  Then as now, my answer was that Jesus (like the Apostle Paul) seemed to be of the opinion that while military service was an honorable profession worthy of respect, it was the faith and humiliy beneath the armor (or flight helmet in our case) that mattered most.  In Matthew Chapter 8, Jesus stated firmly that it was the faith of the centurion (a military officer in charge of a hundred men) in Jesus’ authority and power that moved Jesus when the centurion went to Jesus requesting healing for his servant.   Jesus replied, “Truly I say to you, I have not found such a great faith with anyone in Israel.”   Jesus was a respecter of legitimate authority, and he honored those who respected His authority and those who approached him with sincere humility… both traits which the centurion embodied.  It was the centurion’s faith (or trust in Christ) which was saving, and it was the centurion’s humility that enabled that faith.  The centurion humbled himself and put his trust in Christ.  Where do we as a country put our trust (“In God we trust”), and as individuals?  Do we humble ourselves before God and put our allegiance in Him?  We are blessed, richly blessed with our freedoms in this country.  Freedom of worship, of speech, of assembly, of voting…  Freedoms which have come at great cost and sacrifice.  Thanks to God for our veterans and for our country which honors their, and their family’s, sacrifices.  Never forget…  Freedom is not free.  And, if we humble ourselves and put our faith and trust in God, He will honor us as a nation.  “In God we trust” – more than just a motto.

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