a TIP (To Improve Performance):

20181209_095518In order to prevent forgetting something critical in the rush of a future moment, I will attach a memo at what I call the “point of action”.   For example, Monday tends to be a busy day with my attention focused on a variety of often unrelated activities.  I’ll be golfing late afternoon with friends (walking nine holes) just prior to a church function in the early evening.  I’ve forgotten my golf pull cart on a previous occasion (had to rent one), and looking ahead I can imagine forgetting to bring a pair of dress shoes to change into after golfing.  My solution to free up limited brain space and ease the process is to attach a note where I can’t ignore it at the most critical point of action.  In this case, I taped a note to the handle of my golf bag, which reads “Golf shoes, golf cart, change of clothes and shoes for church meeting”.  I keep sticky memo pads in my car and next to my computer for similar purposes.  Chalk it up to my obsession with checklists from my Navy flying days and the maxim “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” instilled during flight training.

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