My mom and Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Al Kaline…

64F383BD-7D13-4206-8C9F-50431632D824Baseball greats, memorable people… and great memories from my childhood in the 1950s.  Not so much watching them play, but memories of collecting the baseball cards, playing many hours of baseball in the yard next door, and seeing my mom watch baseball on tv, which was one of her favorite pastimes when she wasn’t busy (which was relatively rare).  My Topps card of Mickey Mantle shows a lot of wear. It has been creased and folded, probably traded and displayed more than a few times.  My beautiful mom also showed a bit of wear from a life well lived when she passed recently at the age of 99.  My Mickey Mantle card, even in poor condition, is supposedly worth in excess of $170.  My mom’s life?  Precious, of incalculable value in the eyes of God and her children, and in view of the lives she touched in such a positive, life affirming way.  She had a wonderful attitude about the life which God blessed her to live.  “I never had an unhappy day,” she said shortly before she died.  How does one have such a positive attitude about this brief interval of life we are given on this earth?  Jesus had the answer (Jesus is the answer).  Mom did not store up for herself material treasures on earth, but rather she laid up eternal treasures consisting of her edifying relationships with people and her personal relationship with God.  Treasures in heaven.  (Matthew 6:19-21)

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