Headed into battle

I’m considering going to the grocery store at first light today. It seems insane, but it will probably be the most dangerous activity I’ll do over the next several weeks.  An invisible enemy, and so many opportunities for exposure.  What if the person in the next aisle coughs? And they probably aren’t wearing a mask, although I am (fashioned from a t-shirt).  Do I avoid that aisle completely now and not get the paper towels we need?  I use the self checkout at Walmart (one of the nicer Walmarts) if I go there, but Publix has the better selection and I know where everything (most things) are there. But the Publix cashiers and baggers are known to wipe their noses at intervals.  More touching of our groceries. More exposure. More risk.  They have gloves on maybe, but like most people they never change them, so they’re a false sense of security. Who woulda thought grocery shopping would be such an existential quandary?  I just finished reading some truly scary front line articles in Time magazine about hospitals and the agonizing daily life and death struggles there, both physical and emotional.  The stuff of nightmares. Really. My concerns seem so petty in comparison.  But, still a bit worried as I head out the door.  I find solace in Christ’s promises, “Do not be anxious… I am with you always…” (Luke 12:22 & Matthew 28:20). And also a new appreciation for the agonizing way he died upon the cross.  For us.

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