What’s so Good about Good Friday?

Seems like it would better be called Horrible Friday, right? But, anything done according to God’s plan and for his Glory must be good. It was a plan set in motion by a loving God since mankind first sinned and turned away from Him, our creator. God loved us enough that He sent his only son to earth, to live among us, to teach, to perform miracles and to ultimately suffer a painful and humbling death on a cross… All for us, in our place, in order that we may be reconciled and have communion again with our creator. That’s not just Good. I think that’s Great! That’s what Easter is all about. The “good” leads to the “great” joy of the resurrection of our Lord, whose control over even the power of death provides the promise of our ultimate and eternal victory over death. Have a Great Easter!

John 3:16; Romans 6:23; John 5:24

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