Astronaut Michael Collins

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins died at 90 from cancer recently. His book, Carrying the Fire, was key to my interest in going into Naval Aviation which would hopefully lead to my entrance into the space program. Almost did as I was headed to test pilot school (as an NFO) from my first tour at VP-16, but instead chose VP-30 instructor duty due to family medical reasons. Apparently he and I are of the same Myers-Briggs personality type (INFP), which is fairly rare among technical types. His comments about his fellow astronauts on Apollo 11 are interesting. He was constantly dismayed by Aldrin and Armstrong’s inability, or lack of desire, to convey emotions or feelings about anything. Our gifts and talents are also shaped by our experiences and personalities. And that’s ok, of course. God knows what he’s doing. Look at the disciples, for example. John is quite a different personality type from Peter. But both had a heart for Christ.

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