Have a blessed Veteran’s Day!

To my Christian shipmates… Wishing you a meaningful and reflective day in remembrance of our fallen and disabled veterans and shipmates, and recollections of our own sacrifices (and those of our families) in service of defending our nation’s freedoms.  As I sit here drinking a cup of coffee from my VP-30 coffee mug (reserved for days such as this), I have mostly fond memories of my times in the military. Especially grateful for the Christian brothers and sisters God placed in my path along the way.  As a young ensign, a fellow ensign asked me if I thought it possible to be a Christian in uniform.  We discussed Jesus’ interaction with the Roman centurion and Christ’s declaration that he’d seen no greater faith in all of Israel than that which the centurion displayed. (Matthew 8:5-13). I’m thankful for my time in service.  It certainly wasn’t motivated by earthly riches, but I believe it was time well spent in service of something greater than myself… and with some exceptional individuals who felt the same way.
I gave my students the day off today (for which they were very happy).  But, in return, I suggested that they remember veterans in their prayers, especially the disabled.

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