Help in time of trouble

I talk with my son often on a weekly basis as I coach him through the formation of his new business. Unfortunately, our spiritual conversations are much more rare. Despite a strong faith as a child and teenager, he drifted away from his faith while in college (largely the result of a spiritually immature, cult-like church peer group). He and his young family are currently unchurched. He texted me yesterday that he was going through a “rough patch” and wanted to forgo today’s business coaching session. I responded that I was available to talk (or just listen) and the following…

When one of your children goes through rough times (which they inevitably will), what would you want them to do? My guess is you would want them to call on you or some other person who can help. And also a knowledge that they have a basis of faith so that they can call upon God (through prayer, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible) for guidance. “I am a help in times of trouble, says the Lord.”

Your prayers, dear reader, would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Help in time of trouble

  1. Sorry to hear that, brother George. I’ll be praying. You did a great job, in rearing both your son and daughter in the Lord. Keep looking up! Titus 2:13 KJV.

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