An Air & Sea Story

A bit of a departure from my usual blog entry, below is an excerpt from an upcoming book for which I would greatly value your unvarnished criticism/feedback. I’m trying to judge general interest, including non-aviators. Thanks in advance! It was at the height of the Cold War back in the late 1970s. We were a … More An Air & Sea Story

Small group leadership TIP: Time of Crisis

Hospice care, COVID or ICU isolation… Medical crises are an opportunity for us to demonstrate God’s love. “Prayers and presence.” Just being there means so much to the critically ill and their families. I’ve also found that reading “God’s Promises” Bible verses are very encouraging to all within hearing (especially the afflicted), as well as … More Small group leadership TIP: Time of Crisis

Small group* leadership TIP: The powerful question

Effective small group* (family, work or sports team, fellowships, ministry team) leaders ask thoughtful, focused, powerful questions. A large part of professional Coach training is centered on the art of asking relevant, motivating, powerful questions. If you are a small group leader, a family member, or ministry leader, what has been your experience with asking … More Small group* leadership TIP: The powerful question

Disinformation – What is truth?

Disinformation runs rampant and largely unchecked in the spiritual warfare arena, as well as in the personal and political arenas of life.  Just one example – Many atheist anti-Christian commentators like to quote (without attribution or evidence, and with partial truths at best) that NONE of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses to Christ’s miracles, etc.  In reality, the gospel … More Disinformation – What is truth?


We need a new national political party which is based upon Biblical principles of love, mutual respect and inclusion. Hopefully, it would attract emotionally mature people of integrity from the existing parties. I know it sounds far-fetched, and I realize the United States is not a theocracy, but love of God, and obedience to God, … More Imagine…