Headed into battle

I’m considering going to the grocery store at first light today. It seems insane, but it will probably be the most dangerous activity I’ll do over the next several weeks.  An invisible enemy, and so many opportunities for exposure.  What if the person in the next aisle coughs? And they probably aren’t wearing a mask, although I am (fashioned … More Headed into battle

Personal prayer: Listening to God

I believe many people find comfort in doing spiritual rituals or sacraments done in a group, for example communion, or the Lord’s supper, which was historically celebrated in a gathering of believers.  After all, the “church” is a group of believers and prayer can often be a part of worship.  Prayer, however, was almost always intended primarily to … More Personal prayer: Listening to God

Depression and faith

Following the suicide of a clinically depressed friend of mine another and I were discussing the difference between depression and faulty thinking, wrong decisions, etc.  It’s an often misunderstood concept. Clinical depression is a physical/chemical/neural brain disorder (not a personality, thinking, or spiritual disorder, although that can additionally exist). It is akin to MS, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, … More Depression and faith

My mom and Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Al Kaline…

Baseball greats, memorable people… and great memories from my childhood in the 1950s.  Not so much watching them play, but memories of collecting the baseball cards, playing many hours of baseball in the yard next door, and seeing my mom watch baseball on tv, which was one of her favorite pastimes when she wasn’t busy … More My mom and Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Al Kaline…

Forgive and forget

A short phrase with a lot of wisdom, “Forgive and forget.”  I heard it as a child, but only as I grew older did I realize the full scope of its wisdom.  It refers to wrongs done to us through the actions or inactions of others.  Little slights or major hurts inflicted upon us by … More Forgive and forget