Cultural relativism or Biblical authority?

The church as a whole is too timid to call sin a sin and to recognize the full authority of the Bible (Revelation 3:16). That’s why the last two mainline Presbyterian USA churches we were members of seceded (at great financial cost) from our parent denomination and formed/joined a new Presbyterian ECO denomination which recognizes the Bible as the … More Cultural relativism or Biblical authority?

Spring cleaning

The men in my family have a way of shifting from one topic of conversation to another without much advance notice or connecting transitional phrases. Sometimes it can be jarring to the listeners. I recall back in the 70s my brother and I were sitting on the back porch with Dad at their older home, … More Spring cleaning

Despair and hope

One of my early morning tennis buddies shared quietly with me today that his daughter “took her own life” over the holiday.  How sad and tragic.  I don’t know too much of the background other than she was in her 30s, and he’s still in shock, processing the reality of it.  His name is Paul, a really nice guy. … More Despair and hope