Crash & burn? Asking for help

Why do we find it so difficult, especially in our prideful, do it yourself society, to ask others for help?  Just the word “help” seems to be loaded with emotional overtones.  I fly a small plane on occasion and have instructed many pilots.  FAA records demonstrate that a significant number of fatal accidents could have been avoided if the pilot had asked for help sooner than than later – help from ATC, help from a mechanic prior to takeoff, help from a copilot, etc.   James, the brother of Jesus recognized this phenomenon (stemming from our prideful natures), when he stated quite bluntly, “You don’t receive because you simply don’t ask!” (James 4:2)   As believers, we have many helping resources, and gifted fellow believers are high among those resources: Christian counselors, coaches, pastors, Stephen Ministers, financial advisors, etc.  Let us swallow our pride (the original sin) and eagerly accept those offers of help.  Seek those helpers out.  It is a sign of wisdom and obedience to avail ourselves of the gifts and talents of fellow believers.  Perhaps you will even edify the one who is helping you in the process!  To extend the aviation metaphor, crashing and burning is not inevitable… if we seek help.  And, don’t forget the power of the Holy Spirit, through prayer.

The Holy Spirit is chief among all “helpers.”  (John 14:26)

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