Discipling: Questions of life

So often we want to provide solutions, to “fix” things in other people’s lives, especially those for whom we care greatly.  Our children, our spouse, our friends.  Using Christ’s example, often the best approach is to ask powerful questions which will elicit life-changing responses.  Occasionally I will be blessed with the opportunity to disciple a new Christian.  Or perhaps I will have doors opened to disciple as I coach.  We all know people who hunger for answers.  Who are seeking meaning, solutions to life problems.  One possible approach that anyone can use is Nicky Gumbel’s “Alpha – Questions of Life” (“an Opportunity to Explore the Meaning of Life”).  While designed as a small group or church-wide study for seekers or new Christians, the book and/or dvds can easily be adapted for one-on-one discipling.  Give a copy of the book to the person you’re discipling and commit to meeting with them every week or two to discuss the chapters they’ve read.  You don’t have to have all the answers or a degree in theology.  Just compassion and a willing heart.  When questions arise, even if you know the answer, listen carefully and direct your disciple (spouse, friend, child) to the Bible and seek out the answer together.  Pray together concerning the more difficult questions they (or you) may have.  Using the Bible as your primary source document, combined with prayer, is a powerful way of modeling mature Christian love and wisdom.   Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the question and the answer.  Revelation 1:8, John 8:58

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