Procrastinate? Eat that frog!

Do you procrastinate?  Of course you do.  Everyone does to one degree or another.  One person’s fun is another’s drudgery (think income taxes or lawn mowing, for example).   Is it a problem?  It is if it prevents you from fulfilling important life, relationship or work objectives.  Many books have been written on the subject.  I’ve read many of them and consulted or coached frequently on the subject.  Here are a few tips that I’ve found to be effective:

  • “Eat the frog!” – do the most distasteful task early in your day.  It establishes positive momentum and boosts your overall productivity and self confidence.
  • Reward yourself at intervals for task completion.  A cup of coffee, a brief walk, read a book, brief time on the Internet.
  • Make a list and then prioritze the items on the list based upon time criticality and importance.  An important high priority but distasteful, objectionable task? – “Eat that frog!”
  • Briefly read (no more than a few minutes – don’t distract yourself) a motivational article related to your task at hand.
  • Start your day with Bible reading and prayer.  It sets the tone for your entire day and gives you mental peace.
  • Exercise (but don’t overdo it).  It will “prime your pump” emotionally and physically and give you a spurt of energy which will carry over into your work.
  • Get together with a positive co-worker, friend or coach over lunch or a phone call for some encouraging accountability on your goal attainment.

An experienced coach can help you get “unstuck” and enable better focus and insight to more quickly achieve your desired work, personal or spiritual goals.

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