There’s a bit of the perfectionist in me.  Maybe it stems from insecurity or a desire to please people, or maybe I really do have a touch of OCD which I often joke about having.  Not that I Am perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  (Ask my wife and children!).  Sometimes that perfectionist attitude is healthy and helpful, like when I’m trying to land our little airplane in gusty crosswind conditions where there’s not a whole lot of margin for error and the price of imperfection can be very high.  But often the need for perfection can get in the way of enjoying life and the company of others.  For example, I used to be a pretty good tennis player, even taught it professionally during college, won a few regional championships while in the Navy (those were the days!).  Now, following an injury @ 15 years ago, I’m fortunate to be competitive with the “one steppers” (you figure that one out) at my local tennis club.  But, I’ve decided that the excercise and social outlet is more important than my ego.  Same with golf, etc.  Sometimes our expectations of perfection in others mars an otherwise happy and healthy relationship.  I love the Bible passage about the speck of wood in your eye and the log in mine (Matt 7:1-5).   The Bible states that none of us is perfect, except our Lord (Romans 3:10 & 3:23).  And that the only way we can hope to be in the presence of a Perfect God is to be made perfect through Christ’s sacrifice in our behalf (Matt. 5:48,  1 John 2:1-29).

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