Retired Military Bible Study Fellowship

Ecumenical, friendly, Christian, and committed to Christ as our Lord and savior.  Retired mostly Navy officer and senior enlisted Bible Study fellowship meeting in various Fleming Island homes on a rotating basis. Some men travel from I-10 or across the river to join us.  We have several denominations represented: Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic, non-denominational.   Men’s ages range from 43-67 years old.  Usually @ 4 – 6 men are present on any given Tuesday evening (many members travel, etc. with their second careers).  Have been meeting weekly continuously for 14 years.  Some 18 different men in all over the years.  We meet on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm.  A 7-7:30 pm fellowship is followed by an in-depth topical and/or exegetical (verse by verse) Bible study.  I usually lead the study, but sometimes we rotate that responsibility to a volunteer.  We’re currently studying the gospel of Matthew and are in the midst of the Sermon on the Mount.  We’ve studied various books of the Bible and topical studies such as The Purpose Driven Life, The Holy Spirit, The Parables of Jesus, the Gospel of John, Drive through the Holy Land dvd series, etc.  We encourage questions and discussion. Contact me (George) through this web site/blog or directly for more information.  “Iron sharpens Iron!”

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