Someone in Communist China likes my blog

My blog is produced using WordPress software.  One neat feature it has is that it can show the country of origin (but not the name or specific location) of people who check out my blog, and unless someone chooses to “follow” my blog, I never have any other clues as to their identity.  The power of the internet today is akin to the power of the Apostle Paul’s travels and letters back during the times of the early church.  What is written on the “world wide web” can literally have far reaching implications!  Of course, my Chinese visitor may have been drawn to my military references and could have a more nefarious purpose, but I will assume the best.  Jesus welcomed the heathen, the non-Jew, (even and especially the sinners) into his fold.  His saving grace was for the Jew and the Gentile. He is the “good shepherd” for All who will recognize his voice and follow him!  (John 10:11,  Matt. 25:31-36)

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