Was Jesus “military friendly”?

I transitioned into adulthood during the turbulent Vietnam era when many had mixed feelings regarding the military.  So the term “military friendly” took on some personal significance for those of us in military service, who may have had some conflicting views on military service ourselves… especially with regard to whether it was truly possible to be a Christian while serving in the Navy, for example.  A fellow young officer aircrew member of mine asked me that question one day.  Then as now, my answer was that Jesus (like the Apostle Paul) seemed to be of the opinion that military service was an honorable profession worthy of respect, but that it was the faith and compassion beneath the armor that mattered most.  Jesus remarked strongly that the Centurion’s faith in Jesus’ authority was what moved him.  Jesus was a respecter of legitimate authority, as well as sincere humility… both of which the centurion embodied.   (Matthew chapter 8).  But, it was the centurion’s faith that was saving, and it was his humility that enabled that faith.  The centurion put his trust in Christ.  Where do we as a country put our trust (“In God we trust”), and as individuals?  Do we humble ourselves before God?

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