Lead Like Jesus

”Lessons from the greatest leadership role model of all time” is the subtitle of Ken Blanchard’s newest book, “Lead Like Jesus”.  John Ortberg offered a somewhat humorous proof of Jesus’ enduring reputation as a leader by the fact that people proudly name their children today “Matthew, James… and Mary, and we call our dogs Nero and Caesar.”  Our church’s All Pro Men’s Challenge study group will be doing a six week study on Jesus’ leadership model based on the book beginning Tuesday, September 18.  We’ll be meeting from 6-7:30 am (that’s correct – early morning).  Jesus probably arose at the crack of dawn, after all!  (I wonder who put the coffee on?)   Some of us may feel that Jesus was too gentle and loving to be an effective leader.  But this is the same leader who didn’t shy away from conflict (recall his clearing of the money changers from the temple), but embodied servant leadership and sacrifice to the point of an excruciatingly painful death on our behalf.  There are leadership lessons to be learned from the man who had power over nature and death itself, yet chose to lead sacrificially with the greatest love the world has ever known.  Stay tuned…

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