Discipling a new Christian

When I became a new, young Christian at age 12 by virtue of a Billy Graham Crusade, I truly became a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17).  But spiritual growth and maturity was slow and uneven.  I backslid frequently into my adult life.  I did not have a firm Biblical foundation.  How wonderful would it have been to have had the mentorship of a stronger, more spiritually mature Christian.  I’ve been blessed to be able to mentor some men in the faith and vice versa.  Iron does indeed sharpen iron (Proverbs 27:17).  While small group Bible study and prayer is necessary and effective, I’ve found that nothing is better than quality one-on-one time of sharing the Gospel and answering questions and discussing Biblical answers to specific life problems.  People who will often not share a personal problem within a group will usually open up in a trusting one-on-one situation.  Oftentimes a good Bible study done together can be a great guide for spiritual discussions and growth.  A terrific study I am currently using for one-on-one mentoring is “Growing in Christ – a Thirteen Week Course for New and Growing Christians” (NavPress).  It emphasizes the assurance and faithfulness of God’s love and Biblical principles for Christian living.  It includes Bible memory verses, and the discussion questions serve as a catalyst for fruitful growth, insights and mutual encouragement.  Purchase a couple of copies and offer to do a weekly study with a son or daughter, a co-worker during break time, a young person at church, or a neighbor.  You will both be greatly blessed as a result!

2 thoughts on “Discipling a new Christian

  1. Good morning George,

    As I sit here in my tree stand awaiting on another beautiful sunrise 🌅 I’m reading your devotional and can’t helped to think how fortunate I am to have so many Mentors in my life. Such an inspiration for me to repay by being a mentor to others. Thanks Greig

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