Bible resources online for discipleship and inspiration

There is an abundance of good (and some not-so-good) online Bible resource and reference tools and online apps.  There are two that I use on an almost daily basis that I’d like to share with you because they are so useful and theologically solid.  The first one is the “Topical Bible” which can be found at, and the second is “Got Questions?” located at (surprise!)  I use perhaps a dozen online reference sources regularly, but these two are my regular “go to” sources when I am discipling or writing something theological for seminary or for this blog, for example.  The Topical Bible at is great for locating the full text and verse location of a Bible verse when you can only remember a snippet or a phrase, or just the main subject.  It is always critical to understand a given verse’s context, of course, so be sure to then look up the given verse in its Bible context.  As a very wise and learned seminarian/pastor friend of mine, Dr. Ron Smith used to say, “context is king!”  The second reference ( gives biblical answers to a multitude of theological questions in a topical format.  For example, “Questions about God, …End Times, …Sin, …Eternity, etc.”  It may not be the end all reference source, but it is well researched, user friendly and especially well-annotated with Bible sources.  It will certainly get you thinking in the right direction and will provide a solid basis for further research if necessary.  I have both of these apps, or links, on my iPad and smart phone’s desktop home pages and use them often.  Nothing beats having ready access to God’s Word, whether it be memorized (1 Peter 3:15.  And yes, I looked that reference up on my Topical Bible app!), or accessible through your electronic brain.  Best of all is to have those Bible references within your mind and heart.  Feel free to share your favorite Bible resources or apps in the Comments section below.


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