Is your life a rusty bucket?

Consider for a moment the value of a “reverse” bucket list.  Instead of focusing on that which you wish to accomplish, consider that which has already been accomplished in your life.  A reverse bucket list can motivate you to move forward and can give you a sense of peace, meaning and purpose.  Make a list of what you have accomplished, or more importantly, what has been accomplished by God within and through you!   If you are Christian and have accepted Christ as the Lord/master of your life, and have been saved unto eternal life (Romans 6:23), then you are loved by God unconditionally, and are an heir to the Kingdom of God as an adopted child of God (Galatians 4:1-7).  Perhaps you have planted the seed of salvation (the good news of the Gospel) in someone else’s life.  Gratitude. Perhaps you have children and are blessed to have been born into a land of freedom and relative prosperity.  Perhaps you are free from basic needs, and have many of your wants accessible.  As you make your bucket list going forward: to write a book, sail around the world, learn to fly… don’t neglect those treasures of greatest and etrnal value.  Mentoring a young Christian, visiting the hurting and the imprisoned, sharing an encouraging word to someone feeling depressed or heartbroken…  Is winning the Mega Lottery or having a six figure income on your bucket list?  Fine, but make your material wealth a tool for good in the world.  Use your material resources to advance God’s kingdom on earth, and as Jesus said, “Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, treasures of eternal significance, …not temporary things and accomplishments such as are the things of this world… For there your heart will be also.”  (Matthew 6:19-21).  Guard your heart in order to be blessed by God. (Luke 6:45 & Matthew 5:8).  This life is but a vapor, and your mortal body is dust upon the wind (Ecclesiastes), but spiritual works done from your heart will endure forever.  That bucket won’t rust.

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