Salt and light

Sometimes I find myself thinking, in this politically and spiritually divided world, that life would be so much more pleasant if we moved to a place (a neighborhood, a state, a country) where we were surrounded by people who had values more similar to our own.  And then I am reminded that our calling as Christians is to be “salt and light” in a fallen world.  We are called upon to give testimony to “the hope which lies within us.”  And as appealing as it may seem to move to a place where we are around others “like us” (whatever your definition of that may be), it is certainly not in consonance with God’s plan for us.  We are commanded by Christ to store up for ourselves “treasures in heaven,” and we certainly can’t do that effectively if we totally cloister ourselves away from a broken, conflicted and hurting world.   Life was not intended to be completely comfortable or easy.  We are blessed, in order that we may be a blessing to others.  Not for our glory, but for the glory of God.   (Matthew 5:13-16, 1 Peter 3:15, Matthew 6:19-21, John 16:33)

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