Don’t turn away

“Unplanned” is a reality based film about a deadly serious subject.  Abortion.  I recall when I was a self-employed insurance agent (between Navy careers), I was going door to door promoting an insurance equity product to businesses.  I was with a small group of other “trainees” going into whatever businesses would open their doors to us along University Blvd.  We had entered a relatively large building with no exterior markings and were waiting near a reception area.  It was quite dimly lit and all of the people’s faces were sallow and lifeless.  It was strangely silent.  I felt drained and I had a distinct feeling of demonic activity, death and evil, not a frequent feeling for me, and I went outside for air and sunlight.  I was discussing my reaction with a woman in the group who I sensed was a Christian who was sharing her similar feelings when another in our group came out and said, “Do you know what that was?  This place is an abortion clinic!”  Abortion is not pleasant to think about, to say the least, so most of us harden our hearts to it and ignore it.   Some states now are actually expanding abortion rules.  And there is the spiritual and physical death of the innocents…  Both the young parents and the babies they carry.  What would Jesus have to say about it?  I have a strong feeling that his reaction would make the cleansing of the temple seem tame.  And he would show compassion and forgiveness to the young mothers, as he did the adulteress.   Pray for them… and us who know and do little.  (James 2:14-26; John 8:3-11)


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