Of earthly and heavenly kingdoms

A study of the various governments of Israel during Old Testament times reveals that they tended to get the quality of government which they both desired and deserved (kings as opposed to prophets, for ex.). Some good spiritual leaders, many bad unfaithful ones. The government was a reflection of the collective spiritual nature of the people in the country at the time.  That seems to have been the case through our U.S. history as well, from its spiritual, freedom of religion beginnings… to its secular, godless manifestations now.  Our government and leaders have tended to be a reflection of what’s in our country’s collective heart and soul at the time.  Jesus, of course, was the miraculously and joyful exception and was the defining manifestation of God’s unmerited favor and love for us, despite our sinful natures.  But the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom, not of this world.  The church of His followers is the kingdom’s lonely spiritual outpost in a hostile spiritual environment. Our hope is ultimately in God and not our worldly leaders. Obey and respect their authority, but worship them not. (Romans 13:1; John 4:23-24)

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