Who loves America?

During COVID-19 I have found solace in the wisdom of Philippians 4:8 (letting my mind dwell on the pure and lovely…). And now, during the emotional upheaval of the elections I find comfort in the wisdom of Solomon, that wise Israelite king and author of Proverbs. We all know the story of how he dealt with the women who both claimed to be the baby’s mother (1 Kings 3). Which one loved the baby more? Would the baby be literally split between the two to resolve the dispute? Solomon discerned that the one who was willing to sacrifice herself in order that the baby might be kept whole would be worthy of the baby. Because of her sacrificial love, Solomon knew who was the true mother of the child, and he kept the baby intact and in the arms of its loving parent. We are blessed by God to be a nation of freedom and of laws. We are neither Philistines nor barbarians, but a nation under God’s wisdom. In exchange for our love and obedience, he has blessed us and will continue to bless us greatly. Praying for His continued blessings and wisdom, and our sacrificial love for our fellow citizens and our obedience to God, in order to prove that we are worthy of keeping our nation whole…

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