Slow down to speed up

Not enough hours in the day? Frazzled? Living a hectic pace without enough time to “slow down and smell the roses”? Both the Bible and current physics (cosmology/quantum theory) point to the fact that time itself is infinite. If an infinite God controls time itself*, will he not provide you and me with all the time we need to accomplish His purposes here on earth? Not a minute more, nor a minute less. I find that truth reassuring. Slow down and give your time over to God, and you’ll enjoy life much more… and have all the time you need and desire. Take a depth breath and relax. You have all the time which God desires you to have. Not a minute more, nor a minute less.

*2 Peter 3:8; James 4:13-15; Proverbs 16:3; Ecclesiastes 3:1&11; Psalm 90:4; Matthew 6:27

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