Curmudgeon or not to curmudgeon?

I once joked to a good (but often cantankerous) friend that when I looked up the word curmudgeon in the dictionary, his picture was there. No one is immune from curmudgeon attitudes, but we all know that we ”youth challenged” (over 50?) folk are more susceptible. We’ve lived through the school of hard knocks long enough to feel we know the better way to do things. A better way to drive, to parent, to lead, to plan, to live life, etc., etc. Add a bit of pain or illness to the equation, and we can be prone to be ill-tempered and judgmental. Yep. A curmudgeon! As Christians we’re called to be patient with the less spiritually or emotionally mature, exhibiting the joy of the Holy Spirit which dwells within us (Ephesians 5:22-23). It’s tempting and easy to be a curmudgeon these days. Don’t give in to arrogance and pride and the ways of evil. We are called upon to love and show compassion. (James 4:10, John 13:35)

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