Spring cleaning

The men in my family have a way of shifting from one topic of conversation to another without much advance notice or connecting transitional phrases. Sometimes it can be jarring to the listeners. I recall back in the 70s my brother and I were sitting on the back porch with Dad at their older home, and Dad had been talking about recent goings on with Mom (who was now back in another part of the house).  He paused for a few seconds and had a wistful, far off look in his eyes. “Yep. I think it’s time I got rid of the old pine.”  My brother and I were dead silent for a few moments, then burst out laughing… Realizing that Dad had abruptly shifted gears and was now discussing the aged pine tree next to the garage and was no longer discussing Mom. 

My wife prefers I say, “Beep beep” or similar when I make similar (seemingly) incongruent conversation subject changes. Funny the things we inherit from our parents.  Yep.

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