Powerful questions

As a small group leader there is no better way to get people involved and to elicit deeper, more meaningful conversations than to ask powerful questions. Jesus did this frequently (“Who do you say that I am?” “Do you love me?” Etc.). Some good conversation starters which I like to use in my leadership-discipleship coaching … More Powerful questions

Who’s listening?

WordPress (the host of this blog) gives me the capability to see what country my web site visitors are from. Occasionally I have Chinese viewers, but rarely Russian. Interestingly, after my last blog on my Naval Aviation flying experience during the Cold War, I had a Russian visitor to my site. Welcome, comrade! I always … More Who’s listening?

An Air & Sea Story

A bit of a departure from my usual blog entry, below is an excerpt from an upcoming book for which I would greatly value your unvarnished criticism/feedback. I’m trying to judge general interest, including non-aviators. Thanks in advance! It was at the height of the Cold War back in the late 1970s. We were a … More An Air & Sea Story